Our Adoption Story

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Hi friends,

Welcome to our adoption blog! We’re so excited to be taking this step in our lives, and we want to share our story with you.

Right before we got married, we received some marriage advice that has stuck with us. A friend told us to do everything we can to “keep each others’ love buckets full,” meaning that we should love and serve each other with all our hearts throughout our life together.

Since our marriage in April 2010, we have kept our promise to keep each other’s love buckets full — and it’s worked so well that we feel like our love bucket is spilling over! Now we want to grow our family adding a little love bucket through adoption.

We met in our Missouri church group after Shane returned from a two year church service mission to Taiwan. Alisha, having learned Chinese in high school, wanted to test her Chinese knowledge by initiating a conversation with the newly returned missionary. She said, “Ni hao,” he asked her a simple question in Chinese, but she didn’t understand it. Despite our awkward start, we fell in love, got married, and here we are in Utah five years later.

Ever since our first dance at our reception to our favorite song, “You & Me” by the Dave Matthews Band, the lyrics have held a special place in our hearts. The chorus says, “You and me together, we can do anything,” and the adventures we’ve taken together have made us feel like we can do anything. We studied Chinese together at Brigham Young University, which led us to a three-month adventure in Taiwan and a yearlong study abroad in China. Closer to home, we took skiing and rock climbing classes together — and eventually learned to not fear heights or the occasional (regular) slips and falls.

Between work, school, and church service, we spend time together whenever we can. Shane is working toward his B.S. at BYU in chemical engineering with a Chinese minor, and Alisha graduated from BYU with a B.A. in public relations and a music minor, and is now a writer, editor, and photographer at Utah Valley Magazine. During our slow times, you might find us playing chess, checking out new restaurants or shops in town, baking cinnamon rolls (a project that kneads us both), or laughing at our own puns. During our busy times, we at least slow down to make time for our favorite tradition — our Sunday walks. On those walks, our conversations tend to drift toward the future — our upcoming week, what our first home will look like, where we see ourselves in five years, if we’d rather get a dog or cat, what dessert we want to bake when we get home — and lately, our talks have revolved around our future family.

Soon after we found out we couldn’t conceive children on our own, we attended an adoption information meeting. We made friends, met their adopted children, learned about the process, and on that car ride home, we knew we wanted to grow our family through adoption. In those parents and children, we saw how families can be tied not through biology, but through bonds of love.

But we don’t just want to tell you who we are, we want to show you! We hope you get to know us here on our blog and on our Instagram account, @thelittlelovebucket (see photo sidebar). You can also email us at gallaghersadopt@gmail.com. Check out our official adoption.com profile, too!

With love,

Shane and Alisha